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Let me ask quite stupid what kind of workbench floppy do you use?
For me it sounds you use Workbench 2.0, on the following C where most Commands are have what output of your setup?

Just to let you know that on my original Workbench2.0 there is no command on C called: Echo and Xicon if this is the error the either is on the SEUCK floppy or you need older Workbench like 1.3.

The xicon file could that be the same as IconX ?
As far I remember Echo is and old command for Kickstart/OS lower than 2.0 since the Echo command should be built in rom 2.0 or higher or do I remember wrong here?

So you need proparly a workbench 1.3 to get that command in C I cannot exactly remember if you have a command on that workbench called:xicon I still think the name is IconX.

After looking on Workbench1.3 floppy.

The Echo command can be found on a Workbench1.3 floppy in c folder but the command you have called xicon is not on that floppy so it could be a special command for SEUCK, but I dont have that floppy so can not check that out for you, hope this can help you out with the Echo command error then.

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