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I am not really into these tunes you have posted, they lack the "oomph" that others give me.

Turrican 2's soundtrack is something fantastic, truly a rare thing, as a whole, not one special piece of music within it and that makes it truly special. I think it may be my favourite videogame soundtrack ever. Every tune is just right, sets the mood right, it's composition-wise very good, and it remains stuck in your head forever.

Then there's Olof Gustaffson a.k.a. Blazier, each and every one of his tunes, is amazing and remained forever in my head. Benefactor's music is fantastic and one of my favourite works from him.

It's just my opinion though, each one has its own. I personally love non plus ultra, but most people would disagree :P

This is another one I think has some fantastic music, but it is not credited in HOL. Anybody knows who made the audio?

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