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[Would the AROS bugtracker be a better place to report bugs than this thread? I have more I could include here, but don't want to clutter up this thread too much if it would be better posted there.]

The latest boot ROM insert disk screen is looking quite cool. On NTSC machines though, the lower part is cut off.

Here are a couple of bugs relating to RAW: window handling.

With the latest boot ROM, AROS can run the patched version of ABasiC, woohoo! ABasiC attaches a RAW: console handler to its window on a custom screen. That seems to work. But some aspects of the console handler seem a bit broken.

To see what I mean:
- Download the ABasiC patch from Aminet. The readme file lists various URLs where you can get ABasiC itself from. Then apply the patch (which allows ABasiC to work with Kickstart 2.0 and later).
- For reference/comparison, run ABasiC under Kickstart (probably any version will work).
- Type in this program :
10 print "Mark is skill ";
20 goto 10
- Type run. The screen fills up with text. You can press Ctrl-C to break, ABasiC does a DisplayBeep() so the screen flashes. Then type cont to continue. Press some letter keys, then press Ctrl-C again. Notice that the letters you pressed before pressing Ctrl-C appear after the Br prompt.

Now do the same, but running under the AROS boot ROM. Notice how the cursor in the ABasiC window flashes/flickers. The console handler seems to be redrawing the cursor over and over.
- Type in the program above and run it. Pressing Ctrl-C does nothing, you can't stop the program.

Edit: A couple more... In AmigaDOS (3.1):
> echo "hello
argument line invalid or too long
> echo "hello

[blank line printed instead of error message]

Boot an empty (installed) disk. At the CLI, type resident to list the resident commands. Pressing Ctrl-S should suspend output and Ctrl-Q continue it. With AROS boot ROM, pressing Ctrl-S prints a box symbol and output continues. Pressing Ctrl-C should interrupt the output but it has no effect in AROS. (Same problem as the ABasiC problem above?)
Typing some letters when resident output is being displayed should stop its output until you delete the letters or press return. With AROS, the resident command output continues as you type.

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