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Unappreciated music?

I often read about the same great music championed on here like Chris Huelsbeck and amazing T2 etc and that is rightly so, but i don't think i've ever read anything in the same way of Drivin Force for example or G.N.I.U.S. I'm surprised Zany Golf is recognized in fact because i think it also falls into this catgory of wonderfully clever music

Driving Force and G.N.I.U.S have music that is exceptionally arranged beyond what you normally get to hear on Amiga. The writer of Driving Force in particular understands tune and structure better than most, with G.N.I.U.S sounding altogether something else and quite stunnng. it's rather odd these never gets any real shouts then unless they do?

I suppose my point is that this type music is so well developed and by people that seem to understands the art past just some technically impressive repeat blocks like what is often the norm

Perhaps there are others too that need a shout

Anyone here know the names of these two musicians or what other stuff they have done
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