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The AROS boot ROM (2012-02-08 version) doesn't seem to support the EBF_SILENTSTART flag in ExpansionBase.

Booting any floppy disk under Kickstart 1.x causes the initial CLI window (and Workbench screen) to open, even if no commands in the startup-sequence output any text.

With Kickstart/Workbench 2.0 (V36+), the default bootblock code installed by C:Install sets a flag in ExpansionBase (EBF_SILENTSTART) which tells the machine not to open the CLI window until it is needed. If no programs in the startup-sequence output any text, the Workbench screen only opens when LoadWB is run.

For backward compatibility, when Kickstart V36+ boots a disk with the old type of bootblock, the Workbench and CLI window are always opened before the startup-sequence is executed.

Not supporting EBF_SILENTSTART could cause many existing disks to fail to boot. For example, disks which run a program which resizes the initial CLI window (common because under Kickstart 1.x the initial CLI doesn't fill the whole screen on PAL machines). Or a program which reduces the Workbench screen depth to 1. [Of course, programs which change the Workbench depth are likely to fail on AROS for other reasons. ]

With AROS boot ROM 2012-02-08: Boot with no startup-sequence. (For example, configure a bootable shared folder which is empty, or I guess boot from an empty installed floppy.)
At the CLI window type: Resident
Get a recoverable alert reqester saying:
Program Failed
Task : 0x002807C8 - resident
Error: 0x0100800D - unknown unknown problem with exec.library
PC   : 0x00F87A2C
On clicking continue, the list of resident commands is printed, then get another alert at the end.
Many/all other resident commands have the same problem, e.g. you could type commands like
Fault 103
Echo "hello"
and get the alert requesters.

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