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The Sequels you want

I've been thinking about old Amiga games I wish had a sequel. Not necessarily an Amiga sequel, but I want to see the mbrought up to date with more modern technology. I can think of a few great candidates. First I would love to see a PC sequel of Liberation, so Captive 3. I can't think of any game since of the same style.
Next up I want an update of UFO: Enemy Unknown. There was one in the works but I think it got canned. It was going to replace the tactical phase with a team based FPS, I'm not so sure thats a good idea, and I suppose keep the geoscape part the same. I have heard reports another developer has continued the project?
Another couple of games I want a proper sequel for are Settlers and Choas Engine. I want sequels that retain the style of the original game. In my opinion Settlers has been spoilt by changing the system (Settlers 2 was okay) and Choas Engine 2 apparently went for short, frantic levels that didn't work very well. Maybe the Bitmaps could make Choas Engine 3, and have a 4 player mode which could be co-op or against.
I've already gone on enough. Anyone else have any sequels they wanna see?
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