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Originally Posted by mikele View Post
Nice find Steve. I always wondered about loading times on this thing, as I remember even GamePro in 1995 review complained about sluggish, single speed drive.

Yeah It's not ideal but overall with the cost of the cartridge games I'm happy to accept the loading

Originally Posted by jabsy View Post
How are you running the PSU? thru a stepdown transformer or something? Or is it 110v-240v?

I have one here I can't get to fire up, I've tried dodgying up a molex connector and stealing the power from one of those USB-SATA/IDE adapters, but still no love.
I bought a New 110-240 UK PSU but it seems to need to 'warm up' before it will work, I've emailed the eBay seller to exchange.

I have the Jap PSU so might just buy a stepdown from eBay

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