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Hi GH,
Only 2 objects ain't a negative constraint its a positive. I bumped into Ed Fries at an expo late 2010 an he was waxing lyrical about his Halo 2600 cart.
He gave a great talk about how artists have improved themselves and the art scene by self imposing constraints on themselves - Picaso etc yadda yadda yadda. He then went on to make a damn good case for the indie scene and homebrew scene for having some of the most talented and original minds in the games biz. Retro made people innovate was I think what he meant. Even mega popular stuff like minecraft could not have existed without the self imposed constraint of blockyness :-D and that turned out to be the game that Lego should have paid for. My point is, I guess, these 2 moving objects are yours to do with what ever the frag U want.
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