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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Graham, I have read carefully your ASC file, it is very well commented and I can now imagine how the whole game works. It would be great if you would always summarise all the changes since previous version at the beginning of the new file.
Thanks, that's good to know! Good idea about summarising changes, consider it done from the next update.

Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
Cool. It was mostly just because the graphics in your game are 16 pixels wide that made me think of it. Personally Im always trying to squeeze hardware sprites in wherever I can, so it was probably a bit of a reflex action in mentioning it
To be honest, it would have made sense to go down that road... it just never occured to me so it's a good suggestion But we're only going to have two moving objects on screen maximum so I think I'll just carry on as is.
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