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So, after a few mails back and forth with the author (Karsten, who gave me permission to quote his mails here):

- He is aware of the issue on real hardware. No header was put because of copyright reason (Nintendo logo in the header). So, officially , T2002 for GBA is for emulators only.

- About custom levels:
This is much more difficult because the GBA is limited in graphics and memory. That is why I had a lot of work in order to adapt the original levels and tile sets to the GBA. I do not think that it is possible to use any custom levels without a large rework. Also the GBA and T2002 have no file system. The levels are included in the source code and have to be compiled too.

- About my issue (powerups in wall) and Coagulus' complaint:
- Power ups in the wall - not very nice, I know...
- Jump Button - is GBA / DS / console standard. (Please give it a try. Trust me, you will like it soon.)
- I also told him I had noticed that when you are in the option menu, music 5 does not play. Apparently this is normal because:
There is no music in level 5. (Sorry for that in the option menu.)

PS: Akira, you managed to lose 2 lives so early in the game?
Well, I must admit that the enemies seem to be harder to shake off compared to the original games, so energy drains very quickly.
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