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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
No mention of an actual GBA. So I wonder if the game is actually playable on a real GBA. Perhaps it needed too much power, with emulators being the only platforms able to run it a full speed, which would explain why it was not released until recently.

Anyway, if someone can manage to make it work at a playable speed on a GBA, I'd be very interested to know.
I'm 99% certain that it can also run on Flashcards. GBA emulators didn't emulate the hardware out of specifics, so if it's playable on there, you can also play it on a real GBA.

The only things excluding it from working on a real GBA might be specific flashcards incompatibilities (rare, but they do exist) or some programming mistake that only happens on real hardware but not on emulators
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