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1 vote from here for not having ECS/AGA subcategories!

But how about this: There could be two paths in the settings screen: "Games" and "AGA specific games". If all the games are in "Games" -path, there are only "Games" in front page. If someone wants to split ECS/AGA -games, all the ECS games could be in "Games" path and AGA -games could be in "AGA specific games" path and the front screen shows "ECS / AGA" just like it does right now. That could be the way to achieve the best of both worlds? ;-)

Here you can see the colors washing off from first screen: [ Show youtube player ] . I tried to catch the scrollers jerkiness in the info screen but it can't be seen beause the bad quality of my mobile's video recording... :-(

Little offtopic: now I realize that my Samsung LCD will spoil that PAL-signal and setting NTCS from early setup shows the whole screen perfectly. I hope IndiECS will bypass this problem, whenever I got the money for it... :-P
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