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Didn't: Operation Thunderbolt (C64!). Okay, its not recent! But I still recall being peeved Zzap 64's dual Amiga/C64 reviews & they'd gave the C64 game a Sizzler & it had great looking GFX. But it was a review of a pre-production version at Ocean & due to technical problems with the tape version they scrapped the woul-be good-looking disk version too & did an extremely crappy new version-except Zzap! declined to tell its readers,doubtless 'cos they'd be accused of reviewing an unfinished game.

On Amiga, hmm, I recall ravings about Strider, & never thought the amiga version was great-as Assasin from Team 17 proved later, for a strider-esque game.

Did: Final Fantasy VII (PSX), would never have thought that such a hyped game could be that good,but it was. Only "fault" is apart from finishing it & then going back to play thru the sub quests & defeat the Ruby,Emerald weapons & gain the most powerful weapons & magic,I never got around to playing it again! Once done you couldn't restart it from scratch!

Thief & Jedi Knight 2-jedi outcast (PC), two modern-ish PC titles that actually play well & have variety,(& in Thief's case), originality, for FPS.
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