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Originally Posted by brett71 View Post
What about A3000's?
AFAIK it also has 512K limit (Fat Gary limitation)

Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
3. There may be a problem with some ROM string formatting routine. Doing "type c:runback opt h" to get a hex dump of the RunBack program, the output is wrong. Bytes with values $00 to $0F are shown with a space instead of the leading zero.

Back to point 2. Boot the disk with Kickstart (1.3 say) and press Ctrl-D to interrupt the startup-sequence. Type "dir" or "list". You get a normal directory listing. Now boot the disk using the AROS boot ROM. At the CLI type "list". Notice that the entry for SetDown repeats over and over. That's probably the cause of the dir error message mentioned above.
Fixed. BCPL SendPacket() didn't return correct dos return code. (Kept looping forever when ACTION_EXAMINE_NEXT returned ERROR_NO_MORE_ENTRIES)

Runback calls mysterious Shell stuff.. Not that simple to fix, I think..

btw, do not use WinUAE included ROM, it is always too old. Use the link above which is updated nightly.

btw2, these kinds of easy to duplicate small programs are perfect for bug fixing!
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