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I've noticed a couple of bugs with the AROS boot ROM as included in WinUAE 2.4.0 beta 14 2012.02.03, hope this is the right thread to report them.

See and download disk 1.

There are several issues which show up:

1. The startup-sequence uses a program called Runback by Microsmiths. (That's supposed to give similar functionality to Run progname >NIL: but allowing the CLI window to be closed.)

RunBack doesn't work with the AROS boot ROM. It shows some error text which actually appears before the "AROS - The AROS Research...." banner.

The error text is this: "RunBack: Error starting background task!',$0aYou must have the program 'Run' in your C: directory"
[The ,$0a is obviously an error by the RunBack developer.]

2. When the startup-sequence is interrupted because of the RunBack problem, typing "dir c" results in an error: "No free store for filenames - list incomplete" (this is with the emulated Amiga having 5MB RAM). This actually may be a problem with the AROS OFS filesystem code, see below.

3. There may be a problem with some ROM string formatting routine. Doing "type c:runback opt h" to get a hex dump of the RunBack program, the output is wrong. Bytes with values $00 to $0F are shown with a space instead of the leading zero.

Back to point 2. Boot the disk with Kickstart (1.3 say) and press Ctrl-D to interrupt the startup-sequence. Type "dir" or "list". You get a normal directory listing. Now boot the disk using the AROS boot ROM. At the CLI type "list". Notice that the entry for SetDown repeats over and over. That's probably the cause of the dir error message mentioned above.

PS: Can someone test the intro on that disk on a real Amiga? Is the white COSMIC PIRATES text at the left side supposed to be in front of the scrolling text?
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