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No problem gibs, it's your launcher and if it works best as a stand alone low mem game utility with a single directory then that's what it should be!

I didn't realize it would sacrifice resources supporting sub directories.

If people prefer to use your launcher in the ClassicWB, they can easily delete the letter drawers and everything in the ClassicWB will work the same (the letter drawers are not essential for anything in the ClassicWB, all current launchers work without them; they are just there for looks and organisation.)

So if it's easier for people to delete those and keep your launcher close to your ideals, then that is the best solution. I can easily write a script that either uses Letter Drawers, or removes them and supports your launcher for RAD: and early startup options depending on what users select when installing. Much, much simplier than you re-writing Tiny Launcher and a very satisfying solution.

Thanks for allowing it to be included. It's an awesome bit of work that really helps many of us out a great deal. I would place it in the multiboot/early startup menus which would be especially useful for low mem Amiga owners and also links in actual Workbench of course. I'd also put up a screen during the install with the option of Tiny Launcher support giving full credits to you and whatever else you may like mentioned.

I too would prefer it to use less memory than support subdirectories - your philosophy is a good one.

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