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I'm going to check the scrolling.
Actually I'm not using the minimig anymore to code but the A1200. (the palette isn't the same, and also the way it's displayed.
Are you sure that the scrolling isn't jerky because you're not using a 50Hz diplay monitor ? I'm going to check but it's supposed to run in 1 VBL (50fps).
"NTSC" option means that if you use a NTSC Amiga, you need to be switch TL into NTSC if you want to see all the screen. It means that you'll use 320x200 (50hz if you're using a PAL Amiga). You can have an Amiga PAL and use 320x200 but you'll have a black band in the bottom and will display less items. Switching the option to PAL will use the 320x256 resolution (full screen & more items are displayed). Check this video : [ Show youtube player ]

Of course you can use it in ClassicWB...But actually it will not work with your directories...
You are in a better position than me to know that it's impossible to do one 1 thing that work and please everybody. (that's the reason why there's 3 or 4 versions of classicwb).
My first goal was to make a simple & fast launcher to create a compilation with a small amount of games but the best ones without using a database. By using 1 subdir it allow to scan faster, the database is created everytime in memory which has faster access than HDD/CF access, so it's better for browsing (inside TL) with the slowest computers. This solution was perfect for 200-400 games (1 CD).
Then people wanted to add more games. It needed to reserve more memory to store the database, but if I reserver too much memory it would not run anymore on amiga with low memory. So I have created the database.
Now everything seems runing fine, but doesn't fit with mutliple subdirectories.
So it need another engine.
To me, a frontend is to make life easier. Why puting the games in differents subdir if you're not going to use the workbench anymore ? I use filemaster (thanks toni) and everything working fine.
Even by puting the games in differents directories will not be usable for the craziest ones that want to put all the Amiga collection on their Amiga.
So what is the best solution ?
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