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Load your Workbech disk, and format a new disk. After the disk is formatted select Rename from Wokbench menu bar and rename it SEUCK Games Disk at the prompt. Now insert the master games disk into your drive and open it up. Double click the Make Games disk icon with the left mouse button. Follow the on screen prompts until all relevant files for making the stand-alone game are in the computer's RAM.

You will then be prompted to insert the blank formatted disk you have named SEUCK Games Disk and all the files will be transferred to this disk. This is a good time to make several spare copies of the SEUCK games disk. It can be copied with Workbench and will save you going through the preparation stages each time you need a new disk - but be sure to rename each copy SEUCK games disk.
I've done all that, but it doesn't copy all the files, all it did was copy a single file across and a load of empty folders. The folders are meant to contain all the game data. When i boot the game up, (via the single file it copied) it shows the SEUCK splash screen, and then gets an error saying it couldn't find the games data file. (Default Game.ALL)
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