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I'm really looking forward for that ClassicWB structure, that's what I was after in the first place...

I still have couple of guestions...

1) The "Games - Demos - Music" -text slides to the screen with flickering. Sometimes it remains black when the screen is in place, sometimes it's all coloured as it should be.

2) I think the scroller would be nice when it's shown only on the first screen. When looking infopage, the scroller is quite jerky on my unaccelerated A600 (with A604)...

3) I kind of liked the old "Loading" -screen, when it didn't slide across the screen but just faded. It looked a bit "pro", but that's just my opinion...

I still have to finetune my a600, because the infopage says that I don't have any kickstart images and the system is NTCS (when it should be pal), but this could be my mistakes, as I'm not very experienced Amiga user.

Thanks for the effort this far, I've been a huge fan of tinylauncher since it's started and I hope the developing doesn't end... Best wishes to you Gibs!
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