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Hi all

Hey all

Long time Amiga owner.. first timer modder.. (i guess? lol)

During a recent move I found out my old Amiga A1200. An original one before Escom? come on the scene and rebadged the Amiga logo (I always did prefer the original logo - probably because I am an old 500+ owner)

Anyway in a bid to consolodate my small to medium collection of Amiga games I purchased a CF based drive of Ebay, slated at being able to run on a "stock A1200"

Great I thought - my floppy disks all in one place.. a chance to regain some childhood lol.. Fast forward and my first experiance wasnt the best. The games I already owned failed to load under WHDload. Namely Chaos Engine and SWOS. Quick google (which I should of done before my research truth be told) suggested I needed more RAM. Makes sense, my precious 2meg is now being hogged by WHDload / WB, So I purchased what was slated as an 8mb board. Personally, I can only get WB to see 4mb while working. I can jumper it to 8mb but the games are crashing ( I havnt got one working under 8mb.. but a nice user here is helping me out with that)

To cut a long story short I havent powered this thing on since my teen years prior to my attempted upgrades. Im 31 now and still have my A1200. (all be it a little yellow and my floppy drive still works.. I was shocked at that lol) I had no idea the Amiga had such a following. I went from my 500+ after seeing my sisters Ex's 500.. then begged my folks to upgrade me to the 1200. I was playing this when my friends had a MegaDrive. (I think I had 2 games for my MD)

anyway, just to say hello to everyone.. thank you for keeping this wonderful machine alive.. and i cant wait to learn whats been happening in the years I have been away..

Is X-Copy still considered cool? lol

*sorry people... just noticed, the sub forum for introductions. mods/admins, feel free to move this. thank you

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