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Been in IT as long as I can remember.
Moved from Amiga to PC when I started Uni, Windows 3.0 was used for Mathematica and it was awesome, but the Amiga still held a special place I could return to for fun games, etc.
Still in IT now, with Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence - current buzzwords for huge database and paperless reporting really.
Finally got that "hungry for more" feeling, and "my computer is better than yours" that Amiga gave me when I got the Macbook air 13".
Since then been playing around with various AmigaForeever, Amikit, ClassicWB via E-UAE, trying PUAE, SDLMAME, Boxer, ScummVM, for the Mac and it's awesome. I love it.
If I was more confident coding, I'd take the code for Boxer + PUAE and write an equivalent app for Mac that would bundle Amiga games.
Got myself some hardware from ebay and amibay - C64, A500, A600, A1000, A1200 and A2000, always regret the day I sold my A500.
I love bringing these machines back to life and expanding them, update ROMs, CF, SCSI, etc, it's a great feeling as I can play the same games I grew up with along with my kids.
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