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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
Nothing like explaining something than by breaking it down into steps.
Yeah, absolutely. That's how I got this game to look so 'Lotus-y'. Initial Shaun gave me a basic brief about how the track is drawn, but we had to drill down into mega detail to get it look anything like the original game. Just because there's so many factors as to how curves are drawn, how hills are drawn, how often the track texture changes into the distance (every 4 3D lines? every 10 screen lines?) and so on.

That's not to say it's technically complicated, because it's clearly not! It's just been a long road to get it to this stage. Factoring in of course that the chap made this game over 20 years ago now, most of the stuff was from memory. And memory doesn't really last that long

Now all I have to do is get it finished, which I'm determined to do!
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