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Originally Posted by Bamiga2002 View Post
Just leave MAME emulation for your ghz-crazy PC . The emulators are much more developed and most games run at fullspeed. Same goes for Winkawaks. I abandoned these heavy classic Amiga emus long time ago (now only emulating C-64 with MagiC64).
yep...emulators for windows are the best by far
much better than the ones developed for linux ,mac or any other platform

generally amiga emulators are very buggy except a few cases like Fusion or shapeshifter

also there are very good spectrum emulators like Zxam and ASP
being ASP better but slower it needs a 040/25 to run ok
emucpc and amimastergear also are very good ...both needs a 030/50 to run at full
Magic64 is good but not very compatible and the sound is not very is slow needs a 040/40mhz or 060/50 to run at full speed
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