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Didn't - obviously, the most recent spectacular example is Daikatana (which I expect everyone here will probably mention). Unreal gets an honorable mention for being hyped beyond belief but only actually running well on 1 brand of video accelerator until 2 years after the game's release.

Did - well I honestly can't think of anything that was hyped and I was blown away by...maybe Dead or Alive 3, or Zelda:OOT (although the sequel was a huge letdown, being repetetive beyond comprehension)

There were also a number of "sleeper" games in the past few years that have blown me away-

Thief/Thief 2, Ultima 9, Noone Lives Forever, Ultimate Race Pro (LAN mayhem), Half-life, Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2, a whole boatload of games made by Sega,
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