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Floppy disk

@OlsfSch: No, all the original files work fine on AROS-68k. I only did replacements as the original AmigaOS binaries are under dubious copyright status.

I have recently done an experimental AMOSPro emulation pack for AmigaOS 4.x and MorphOS.
THIS HAS NOT BEEN TESTED! I don't have access to an OS4 or MorphOS machine. It may well run slowly due to lack of JIT. I'm not sure if it works yet or needs modification.

I need guinea pigs with the required hardware and software to take this for a spin. Any takers?
This uses latest E-UAE (naturally) and includes versions for both OS4 and MorphOS.

AMOS for OS4/MorphOS (zip archive)

P.S. If anyone does manage to get this working on OS4 or MorphOS, please post a screenshot or photo so I can see it works. Thank you!
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