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Originally Posted by gibs View Post
Here is the 2.0b01 :

Olesio can you test it ?
Yes I can. Form my fast test everything is fine execpt one thing, when you select game or demo - you will see freen scrolling text again, it does not look to nice.

If you have any problem, delete everything in S:TinyLauncher except
It was not need it, but I delete it and test it for sure. Everything is fine.
I'm going to add the support for the ClassicWB directory structure and then...
Probable Shoonay and others who have games and demos in letters subdirs will be glad But one important thins please include FastNav feature, which you mentioned before. Because maybe I'm doing something wrong, but pressing up key for longer while on first item do not show FastNav letters on top of the list. Probable you will include in new version when you add support for letters subdirectories. But please, if it is possible add FastNav also in support for old style directories (one directory for each category: ECS Games, AGA Games, ECS Demos, AGA Demos and one directory for modules. Because reorganize folder under Windows OS and WinUAE with harddisk mounted as directories is not such a big problem, but under real Amiga even with filemanagers available there is a little time-consuming for me and I do not want to take off cover from my Amiga to connect harddisk on CF Card to my PC.
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