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I'll try. I've spent some days very worried 'cause after I changed some cables and taked out the cooler to change the fan of the BPPC (as I found that the 10mm height fan I'd put was perhaps too much for the keyboard to close -original is 6,5mm-, so I've put an 8mm one) it wasn't booting, but today I've discovered that as I have the Delfina sticked to the kickstarts and it had moved a little, when I lifted it and put it right I had twisted a leg of one of the kickstarts, leaving it disconnected, so now it has to work again (I'll try tomorrow).

Anyway, what (off topic) I would like to try first is the web browser Voyager V3 with Os3.9 and NetSurf with OS4.1, as I liked it in Amikit.

So have you become a member? The next step is to buy both...

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