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That seems a bit different to the way it works for me.


To make a stand-alone game you will have by now created players and objects with sound effects, onscreen start position and movement paths etc. As you create each part, save out the file to your SEUCK games disk using the same name for all the different types of data. When you are happy with your design work, ensure all separate parts are in memory (having checked that it works by selecting test game). Now you can save out all this separate data as one file. So, with your SEUCK Games disk inserted, select Save Everything and use the name you have chosen to give your game.
To the first bit in bold: How? The program fails to save if the SEUCK disk is not inserted after boot up.

To the second bit in bold: There is no way to choose what name you want the game to have. The only way to change it, is to go to WB and rename the files manually.

And I don't believe there is a way to save it all as one file?
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