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Originally Posted by DeafDaz View Post
Is anyone near complettion of ur games? Closing date is not far off. And I would love 2 see new games
Well, my entry is not as well as I intended but not as bad as last time. As usual, real life stroke the hard way, this time including me falling ill with a very bad winter flu, bad enough to avoid concentrating in front of my miggy monitor for some critical days. Fact is, my text adventure project based on John Carter novels has its parser engine working OK, but just a couple of days away from the deadline I still haven't figured out an story to tell!

On my research for Ideas that would fit for a plot in the JC universe I found quite useful all the data stored at the Edgar Rice Burroughs Listserve site, apart from reading the first book in the series, A Princess Of Mars, which was itself a lot of fun (but the real chilly experience was watching [ Show youtube player ] yeah the one with Traci Lords playing as Dejah Thoris, eer... )

Sound engine is also working, as I knew how to handle it from previous comps, but I couldn't find the time to make even a tiny original music piece, so background music will have to wait . I searched for freely usable mod files repositories, but couldn't find any. I mean, there are tons of places with freely distributable mod music, but not with files you can re-use in your own works (I'll be more than glad to be proven wrong, though ) Anyway I'll add some music for the upcoming complete version...

...'cause the master plan now is releasing some kind of "teaser", a demo with at least a few locations, objects, characters and a puzzle or two just to check the whole thing works in time for the comp and making the whole game (with its complete story and soundtrack) hopefully in time for the Disney movie release next march... provided tomorrow nothing unexpected happens and screws the plan!

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