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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
This has changed. Only kernel.resource, exec and expansion require MEMF_LOCAL, all other modules are loaded to any free memory. Arosbootstrap also supports MMU remapping for chip located modules.


I don't think ReKick method can work because AROS ROM has to do everything itself, including autoconfig. It is quite difficult to run autoconfig code from non-MEMF_LOCAL RAM.
Yep, from what I remember -- and it's been a few years so this might not be 100% correct -- the ReKick program (which runs from chip RAM via ColdCapture) contains low-level code to configure at least Zorro II RAM. It builds a structure in chip RAM which the new Kickstart expansion.library refers to. That's why ReKick-compatible ROM images contain a slightly modified expansion.library.

Regarding modules in chip RAM and MMU remapping, would it be feasible to make the AROS exec and expansion libraries copy and relocate themselves to autoconfig RAM as part of the initialisation routine? Kind of how Kickstart moves the supervisor stack to fast RAM. There probably isn't much else running that early on, and that could give a nice speed-up on machines which don't have an MMU. How to get that to survive a Ctrl-A-A reset could be interesting though...
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