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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Most (all?) 16-bit Amigas (A500, A1000, A2000, possibly with A2620/A2630 accel - maybe A1200 with trapdoor fastmem card too?) don't have any local fast RAM. By local, I assume you mean MEMF_LOCAL, i.e. non-AutoConfig memory which doesn't go away at reset? A ReKick-compatible ROM image would allow AutoConfig Fast RAM at $200000 to be used for the ROM data.
This has changed. Only kernel.resource, exec and expansion require MEMF_LOCAL, all other modules are loaded to any free memory. Arosbootstrap also supports MMU remapping for chip located modules.

This is the only generic solution that does not require any hardcoded memory addresses.

I don't think ReKick method can work because AROS ROM has to do everything itself, including autoconfig. It is quite difficult to run autoconfig code from non-MEMF_LOCAL RAM.
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