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Okay, I did that, and noticed this:
ArosBootStrap comes with source tree, Aros softkick loader that works on any Amiga that has either 2M of chip or 1M or more local fast RAM. (*)
Most (all?) 16-bit Amigas (A500, A1000, A2000, possibly with A2620/A2630 accel - maybe A1200 with trapdoor fastmem card too?) don't have any local fast RAM. By local, I assume you mean MEMF_LOCAL, i.e. non-AutoConfig memory which doesn't go away at reset? A ReKick-compatible ROM image would allow AutoConfig Fast RAM at $200000 to be used for the ROM data.

BTW, you also mentioned that arosbootstrap uses the BCPL ReadArgs-like routine under Kickstart 1.x.

Another program which uses one of the BCPL routines is Metacomco's ABasiC. That wasn't written in BCPL, but uses a BCPL routine to attach a CON: handler to an existing window. Commodore's Andy Finkel published example code using that technique (, but CBM removed support for it in Kickstart 2.0. Out of interest, has anyone tried running ABasiC under the AROS ROM? A few years ago I developed a patch to make ABasiC compatible with Kickstart 2.0+ ( but it would be cool if the original ABasiC executable could work in AROS.

The patched executable uses the new supported way of attaching a CON: handler to an existing window (open "CON://///WINDOW0xNNNNNNNN").
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