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Is there any interest in building the AROS ROM so it can be soft-kicked? That would allow many more real Amiga owners to experiment with it.

By that I mean, compile it for address $200000 so ReKick (well, a slightly modified version compatible with 1MB ROM images) could be used to load and reboot into the AROS code. Some small changes to Exec & expansion.library would be needed if building a ReKick-type image. I can dig out my ReKick disassembly for some info/documentation on how it works.

For Amigas which have memory at $200000 that has a couple of benefits:
- (Possibly 32-bit) Fast memory is faster than 16-bit ROM
- Soft-kicking that way doesn't need an MMU
- It should work on any Amiga, even ones which can't have 1MB ROM fitted

Another theoretically-possible idea could allow A1000 users to maximise available RAM. If the ROM were built such that the first 256KB is at $FC0000 and contains enough code to load and unpack the remaining data from disk, an AROS Kickstart disk could load the first 256KB to the Kickstart RAM. On resetting, that code would look for the remaining 768KB on the Kickstart disk (it would have to be compressed to fit of course) and load that to $200000.
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