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Originally Posted by orange View Post
iirc, there is a utility that tests if mouse button is on. you can use that in startup sequence to select WB.
None of these options work well for what the original poster asked.
He has two systems in different PARTITIONS, meaning that if he used a shell script to choose between both, he'd have to do a mammoth work of re-assigning every necessary path to the corresponding drive each time he boots. A pain in the blimming ass. I've done it for making systems that "boot off" a card in the PCMCIA port, but it's not convenient and I only did it because it was the only way to do so since that volume is not bootable..

Now changing the boot priority would do so but would in the end take more time. I would also be worried about a shell command changing something low level like teh boot priority of my hard drive partition.

By the way, how is leaving two mouse buttons pressed then selecting a partition a "cumbersome" method?
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