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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
Nice work prowler

Thanks for taking the time and the interest to have a look, that's great!

As you will have seen, if the game can't find all the files it needs to run it will just silently quit out at the moment. At the end I might add some sort of error message or something if there's a file missing.

Also it's really good you're taking a look at the code too... hopefully you'll manage to figure out the way it works... this is where we find out if my notes are up to scratch
I'm going to be a bit busy this weekend on the Compute Games disk, but next thing I do will be picking it up again here.

This will probably be the only chance I get for a practical introduction to programming the Amiga, and I don't intend to miss out, so expect some searching questions.

Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
I made some fairly swift progress last night - the player can now move left and right, and I've also added falling now too (a crucial part of the game). The collision detection is very simple - we check one pixel below the player's feet and detect the colour of that pixel. If it's zero (i.e. black) then the player will fall until he either (a) hits a platform or (b) falls off the screen and therefore dies. (Oh yeah, if you go off the top or bottom of the screen it's game over too.)

It's still all a bit crude - there's no inertia or an increase in speed on the player so it moves at a constant speed. It's probably a bit too easy and boring as a result. Also the player graphics are extremely basic with no animation - he just faces left and right which is the limit of my graphical ability. But it all seems to work so far so there's a good base to build on.

Regardless of what progress I make over the weekend, I will definitely upload a new version of the game tomorrow night for you all to have a look at
Keep the faith. It sounds to me like you're making a fine start.
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