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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
But thats an immediate waste of valuable time when predrawn circles would make the process far quicker.

If you look at the screen, only a few at a time ever get to full size in comparison to how many are on screen.
It's possible I suppose if one sacrifices some accuracy by only holding a subset of all possible circles in chipram. I wonder if it would be noticeable.

Hmm. 512k would hold 128 4k single plane filled circles but most wouldn't even need to be 4k in size.

Yeah, that might work out well. Use the CPU/blitter to precompute all filled circles of diameters say 1 to 128. Determine the memory needed for each one. Create a table of pointers to structures that hold the address of the bitmap and its size with the index to the table being the diameter of the circle. If the size is less than about 10, don't bother with the blitter. Just use the CPU to render.

Okay. I'm convinced.
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