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Lets not forget that Tearaway Thomas was also a blazingly fast game even on an A500 - although there were no background effects, parallax or multi-layed gizmos to slow that game down. Wiz n' Liz was also blazingly fast on an A1200. But its not the speed that matters - or the (50/60fps) smoothness either! - but the quality of the overall package combined. Sonic has 200% more charm than either Tearaway, Superfrog or QuickSilva, and was smoother, faster and easier than Robocod AGA, Kid Chaos or Zool 2 AGA.

Would it not be any better to just code a Megadrive emulator for the Amiga? Mountains/Mohammed etc. I know this wouldn't be anywhere near as much fun to code - but the final result would also be F-Zero and Mario Cart?
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