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Nice work prowler

Thanks for taking the time and the interest to have a look, that's great!

As you will have seen, if the game can't find all the files it needs to run it will just silently quit out at the moment. At the end I might add some sort of error message or something if there's a file missing.

Also it's really good you're taking a look at the code too... hopefully you'll manage to figure out the way it works... this is where we find out if my notes are up to scratch

I made some fairly swift progress last night - the player can now move left and right, and I've also added falling now too (a crucial part of the game). The collision detection is very simple - we check one pixel below the player's feet and detect the colour of that pixel. If it's zero (i.e. black) then the player will fall until he either (a) hits a platform or (b) falls off the screen and therefore dies. (Oh yeah, if you go off the top or bottom of the screen it's game over too.)

It's still all a bit crude - there's no inertia or an increase in speed on the player so it moves at a constant speed. It's probably a bit too easy and boring as a result. Also the player graphics are extremely basic with no animation - he just faces left and right which is the limit of my graphical ability. But it all seems to work so far so there's a good base to build on.

Regardless of what progress I make over the weekend, I will definitely upload a new version of the game tomorrow night for you all to have a look at
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