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I have spent the evening setting up my caanoo... i have installed some emulators and am loving the PSX Reloaded Emulator, Final Fantasy VII runs pretty well...

the 16 bit console emulators all run great although noticed that it gets choppy on Starwing, massive reduction in frame rate

noticed that some PSX ISOs dont like the emulator (or caanoo spec), Ridge Racer Revolution has a bug which means pressing buttons does nothing... Doom (PSX) failed completely just hangs on load...Bust-A-Move 2 has no sound or very late sound...

...HOWEVER... saved my game of Final Fantasy VII, took SD card out of Caanoo, inserted SD in PC, transferred the mem.card file to the PC, renamed... works in the PC version of the emulator... EPIC!!!

MAME in general is ok, Aliens slows down a bit at 700Mhz, but others like Rainbow Islands, Space Harrier work very well

so far... really liking the Caanoo, doesnt feel cheap, joystick thingy working pretty well... L1 is a bit of pain to press sometimes, menu navigation is easy as is setting up the SD Card and getting everything installed (transferred) correctly

one small gripe!

AMIGA EMULATION CONFUSION... i renamed an Kickstart1.3(A500 blah blah blah) to KICK.ROM and placed in rom folder and kickstart folder and emulator still states it cant find KICK.ROM...

... driving me nuts... what am i doing wrong

i haven't upgraded firmware and wont unless there is a good reason
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