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Originally posted by Ian
At the end of the day Zarkmiester it's:-

Cody's Musically Magnificent Amiga Top 50

Not The Blah Blah Top 50

This is Cody's opinion not a democratic vote.

CodyJ should not be persecuted or vilified because some of you disagree with his list.

If you don't like it ...... MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN ANAL LIST

What,& have some coomplaining git like me destroy all that hard work over one selection?!
This is a forum,isn't it?

BTW Cody, your thread is listed as "......Musically magnificent",is it not? I just thought pushing the music/sonic capabilities of the Amiga wouldv'e been one of your selection criteria, thats all. Most of your selections have been great examples of that! And I never said anything insulting or demeaning, have I? But with Akira temporarily absent, someone had to say something about Ultima 6-& I still say Cannon Fodder beats it any day, so nerr!

Agree to disagree & no hard feelings everyone?
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