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Darn, you caught me. I thought I was being coy. Nothing escapes you pmc.

No, I use trickery, because I have to do so much more than just a 1bpl sine scroller in full framerate It's possible to do mine with a slope > 45°. I remember Slayer made the Hangover Bobs circle scroll in 'Oh yeah!? Well check this!' response when he cracked the cartridge protection in my demo and saw the trick. Still no red bar inside the tube, but a very nice mapping formula in asm and I think of him as the king of cracktro scrollers because he made that and the screw and the 8-loop and...

Mrs. Beanbag's idea... well, with what he wrote, how is the 3rd blit done (in a single 3rd blit), if the second 0011 mask needs to shift 1px or 2px less upward than the first 0011 mask (because the slope is curving slightly, such as near the top of a sine wave)?

As a normal "DPaint skew" (except Silva only made the horizontal one) it works of course, but the slope mustn't change except between characters, and I think it would look not so good with those slope-changes. Also, if you're not happy with every character being 16/32px wide, characters would be bent at an angle mid-character rather than curved. If the slope-change is mild enough you could get away with it, but then it's so mild you could go 2px/3px wide blits and save even more time... so.
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