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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
we have to think about what "Sonic" really means.
Taking the essence of the game is what will make a good conversion. This is what I mean when I say any game can be converted. I always put the NeoGeo Pocket versions of Neo Geo games as good examples of major cosmetic compromise while delivering full 1:1 gameplay essence, resulting in a great game/port.

What it means is a fast platform game with smooth scrolling, curved platforms and loops. Is that possible on the Amiga? Yes, plain and simple.
Yes! I don't care about how many parallax planes are there really, these things you mention are the key to Sonic, as well as two more important things: level design and the character of Sonic and all the enemies, or you could just say for that, art direction

We haven't even mentioned the sound yet, in fact. There's been plenty of talk about the graphics. The sound will have to be different.
I think a compromise can be made here of course. I really like, for example, Street Fighter 2's music. I think it was well done given the limitations!
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