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and Sonic was released in June 1991, AGA in October 1992.

To prove that "Sonic was possible on the Amiga" I'd say you'd only really need it to be about 90:100. Conversions typically aren't identical, as you point out... we have to think about what "Sonic" really means. What it means is a fast platform game with smooth scrolling, curved platforms and loops. Is that possible on the Amiga? Yes, plain and simple. The graphics and sound are mere implementational details that of course vary with the hardware. Sonic existed on the Master System too afterall, with cut down graphics, and that version didn't even have loops. The loops were really what made it special for me, though, no game had that kind of physics before.

We haven't even mentioned the sound yet, in fact. There's been plenty of talk about the graphics. The sound will have to be different. The Megadrive had an FM synth with 6 channels, in addition to the Master System's old sound chip. The Amiga only has four sound channels which makes it more difficult to do intricate music and sound effects at the same time, but because it plays samples the sound effects can be more realistic (if you have space enough to store them) and if you're clever you can pre-mix samples together and make chords and things to give your music a fuller sound. Sonic's music however wasn't composed around these limitations, so it will have to sound different. Unless you just want to sample the whole thing...
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