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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
As for the tunnel picture above you could have the tunnels pre rendered like MegaRace, Microcosm.
The tunnel is from Sonic 2! This is cheating, we have to make Sonic 1 first. Sonic 1 had a spinny special stage, which I think I would do with vectors for the walls rather than bobs/sprites. The Amiga beats the Megadrive in that capacity, we can fill polygons with the blitter! Which means it could rotate smoother, Sonic has to store each rotation angle for the square bricks but we can rotate by any angle if we use filled polygons (plus copper effects to make the shading nicer).

The Sonic 2 special stage could probably be done with vectors too, not sure how it's done on the Megadrive though, they probably cheat somehow. Looking at the video I'm sure they are already doing it the same way as Microcosm. So I think we can best that too with proper rendering.
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