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Originally Posted by P-J View Post
What I meant by my earlier comment is that these discussions (and there are many, in fact there was an almost exact same discussion only a couple weeks ago!) never have a technical resolution, which is what I'd like to see from this thread

My personal interest in this is to know if a 1:1 conversion was possible (assuming factors such as access to the original source, artwork and so on). So are there technical features in the Megadrive game that the seasoned coders (Galahad, StingRay et al.) could quantifiably say would not be possible, or are at least highly unlikely? And additionally, whether an AGA equipped Amiga could do it.

Seems like the question of why it didn't happen as opposed to this question of why it couldn't happen has already been answered.
It won't be 1:1, the hardware is not the same. It'll gain in some, lose in others.

AGA could do it no problem, it has enough grunt to push 6 bitplanes without any copper tricks, higher sprite bandwidth, and can chuck around more bobs. I don't doubt it could produce a game better looking than sonic
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