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Originally Posted by P-J View Post
I don't know what this debate is about any more. You've got one guy talking about a 1:1 conversion, and others talking about converting lesser version. It's either one or the other. Obviously the game is feasible if you strip it back, but I don't think that's what the OP is alluding to.
The hardware is different, so your never going to get the exact same game.
The Amiga version would probably have more colours on screen using copper effects (sky's, hud, water at the bottom etc) -but not so much for sprites/tiles. I expect an Amiga version would start off in 4 or 5 bitplanes, and add palette changes from there.

And the music could be improved with digital audio, and sampled speech.
Loading screens could be HAM/interlaced.

As already mentioned, it would depend on the team you had doing it. In the right hands, an OCS game can have hundreds of colours on screen.

There's nothing revolutionary about sonic, other than it runs in a frame. Getting the Amiga to do that with plenty of colours would be the challenge.

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