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Originally Posted by hitchhikr View Post
Sonic 1 on the Master System (runs at full frame rate on the console):

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Sonic 2 (also runs at full framerate):

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Those versions of Sonic didn't use parallax like the MegaDrive/Genesis version did. An Amiga could easily have done what the Master System did. It probably would have even sounded better and definitely would have been able to keep up.

One thing about the MegaDrive/Genesis though that the Amiga was better at was the fact that Amiga had 12-bit Digital to Analog conversion for a maximum of 4096 colors. The Megadrive/Genesis only had a 9-bit DAC for only 512 colors max.

What really killed the Amiga was that the AGA chipset was too little too late. The blitter was still 16-bit on the 32-bit system and the blitter's clock-speed was still 3.5 MHz when the display and bus-control portions of the chip were 28 MHz clock-speed. It's as if the AGA chipset never got finished before it reached the market and was rushed at the last minute as an after-thought. AGA could have wiped the floor with the Genesis/Megadrive if it came out sooner even in its existing state.
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