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Originally Posted by P-J View Post
Apples and oranges really. The fact that they were both 16-bit is a red herring. The Megadrive was designed from the ground up to play games and shift lots of data round the screen quickly. The Amiga was designed for spreadsheets. Not saying the Amiga didn't have amazing games, but the MD hardware was designed with solely gaming in mind.

C64 vs Master System is another example.
Incorrect, the Amiga was originally designed as a console, it was only Commodores intervention that it be turned into a fully fledged computer to replace the C64 that changed things.

The Amiga could have been capable of doing something akin to Sonic, but unfortunately, it wouldn't have gone to the right people to be converted.

As Codetapper said, originally Sega were going to licence Sonic when it first came out, it was only after some thought that they opted to withdraw the licence because they wanted to compete with Nintendo who had their own series, i.e. Mario which was platform specific.

If US Gold had converted Sonic, it frankly would have done more harm than good to the Amiga, in fact if it had been converted by US Gold or any of its usual stables of development teams (Aka showers of shit!), it quite possibly could have done the Amiga massive harm.

Streetfighter 2 was bad enough, but that was late enough in the Amigas lifespan that it didn't really matter, but if Sonic had been released on Amiga in 1990 near the time of the Megadrive version, it would have been very bad for Amiga.

Neo were not established at that point, Team 17 were not established enough at that point, Factor 5 might have been capable of taking on the job and turning out a decent version, maybe at a stretch some of the guys in Thalion, but really, if Sonic was to have been done, it would have been better released later in its life as there was then plenty of programmers out there that were very capable of squeezing the best out of the Amiga.
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