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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
Thank you, how about some music? [ Show youtube player ]
Wow, I didn't expect it to appear on YouTube! That was surreal. Don't worry - music and all the rest of it will come in due course (incidentally, if anybody out there wants to help provide graphics and music do drop me a line.)

Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Thanks for getting this started, Graham. I'm even going to try following your progress myself - see if it can broaden my horizons a bit.

Don't worry about the modest start. I'm a complete n00b at this stuff, so that'll make it all the more easy for me to get my head round it.

Downloading your first archive now...
Thanks prowler That's great to hear - the more people who take an interest the better!

Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
I used to love reading the game development diaries in magazines in the c64 and amiga days, and also enjoy reading the interviews floating around the net with programmers of classic amiga games, so I look forward to reading this as you progress.

If you find the time though, perhaps you could even post some of your struggles along the way, and how you solved them. This can be quite useful for people trying to learn to code thier own games. Not just that but you may learn some new things along the way yourself if people reading have a "better/quicker/whatever" way of doing something
Yes, that's a good idea. I do plan to go into more detail when it comes to implementing game features. I anticipate encountering a few problems when it comes to player movement so that could make for an interesting read for some people. And of course, the more I can learn and the more feedback I get, it can only be a good thing.
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