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The fanboys call for Matt's blood this time.

This is what George Lucas must feel like. (Only that GL deserves it.) Is this drama comedy or tragedy? Anyway it's doubtless the most controversial MattChat so far.

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The first part is surely what made the series famous. (It even featured a popular German [ Show youtube player ].)
Gothic2 generally kept the high standards of part one, maybe even surpassing it.
To call pt 3 initial release bug ridden is a gross understatement. It was barely playabel, and in some cases not at all. People grabbed their forks and torches. But somehow the Gothic community really took off during that time. They are updating that game up to this day, and it hardly resembles the originial any more. I think counting all in part 3 is the most interesting.
Then there were two more competing sequels: Arcania and Risen.
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